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Faq q where is the color brown a brown and im not referring to seal brown is a somewhat ambiguous term used to identify a number of horse coat colors but most often refers to a dark variation of bay as the genetics behind the variations of the bay base color become more understood we will try to make changes to the calculator that will incorporate these variationsthe past several days have been very exciting in the world of equine color genetics the results from the first round of w20 testing has started to filter into fac and the results are very popular however this has caused a problemequine color genetics update note as of february 2019 i am slowly giving this website a much needed overhaul i know some of the information here is no longer correct and im hoping to find the time to make tons of updates soon i started this site back in 2002 and since then our knowledge of horse color genetics has grown by leaps and equine color genetics is an essential reference for anyone wanting to understand coat color and the genetic basis for color variation in horses and donkeys key features thoroughly covers the basic colors in horses including bay chestnut black and brownhorse color genetics it is easy to understand horse color genetics at a basic level since the basic coat colors of black bay brown and chestnut including sorrel are controlled by relatively few genes and not radically affected by the environment

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