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There are many daily ways you can protect your teeth well explain when to brush floss and when to say notooth decay dental caries is damage to a tooth that can happen when decay causing bacteria in your mouth make acids that attack the tooths surface or enamel this can lead to a small hole in a tooth called a cavity if tooth decay is not treated it can cause pain infection and even tooth lossis it too late to save my teeth selfhealth submitted 5 years ago by novaprospect im a 23 year old guy and ive had abysmal brushing habits since i was a child i always forget i never flossed and i never used mouthwash i also ate a lot of sugar however i dont smoke or drink and i dont drink pophow to save your teeth posted on march 8 2018 march 6 2018 by mikhaila bleeding gums tender gums discoloured teeth mouth ulcers and bad breath are all signs of food intolerances if you have bad teeth chances are youre eating foods that dont agree with you its not just bad genetics this is fixable but do it asap because how to save your teeth pdf 1299 gum disease and tooth decay are the major causes of tooth loss both result from bacterial infections and poor nutrition and are entirely preventable this book gives a step by step approach for restoring teeth and healthy gums and maintaining them with a major emphasis on prevention prevention is the only

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